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with the initials of gsh, george s. hole las, founder of the bears. formerly in chicago. the only two original nfl franchises from the founding of the leafs. green bay came along soon after, but they wanted to emphasize in chicago there were only two who have gone all those years. i have nothing to say about what we just saw. >> ed: maybe they slipped on the tarp. >> mike: is there another game after this, shirts and skins? i hope they enjoyed it. 4:15 go in the third. swatted at by engelland. forehanded shot. he and rozsival after that one. rozsival tried to chip further and then it is sutter, feeding
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one. and then battled for and slugged wide by engelland, taken on by leddy. jammed it again. handzus. thrown across to engelland. tapped on by rozsival. swatted by versteeg. thrown by niskanen. paddled aside by crawford. crawford as toews have been impressive. no one more than jonathan toews. led back across. leddy taking inover there. a shot is blocked down by marc-andre fleury. then maatta played ahead. 37 shots by chicago, 28 by pittsburgh. oh, and what grab off crosby. on one that was headed high but looked artistic anyway on the part of crawford. >> ed: good play from james neal to get the puck to crosby.
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good thing the hands are warm for corey crawford. that was launched by sidney crosby. >> mike: neal again and flailing, that was crawford. caught the glachlts stopped by crawford as the shot total starts to come high. reaching for it was neal. that wouldn't go. through one that went wide. ricocheted back for orpik. drops it on for crosby behind the net. crosby rifled it on back. held by despres. sent to neal for a trainer poll twhaus blocked back. orpik a drive and that turned high. to the corner draft by crawford. saad wipes out but gets it on out to center. fed ahead for a feed by crosby. touched on to neal.
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a toe drag and a shot wouldn't go as crawford reached out for that one. saad sees that one knocked along further. and played ahead off of orpik and galloping on with this now, it's patrick sharp. he's got toews up the wing. save, rebound. oh, it went in. another crazy bounce goal. it will be toews'. it is 5-1. [ horn blowing ] >> pierre: a beautiful pass from patrick sharp. second time in this game that patrick sharp was looking to pass the whole way through. he's known as the shooter. he had the first goal in this game a long time ago. unfortunate for jonathan toews after this rebound from marc-andre fleury. >> ed: what a nice little hop. slick hockey on all their goals, especially that pass from patrick sharp.
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>> mike: and so it nears the close. final two minutes of play in the tilt. the blackhawks will have a two-point lead on st. louis. 86 points. anaheim is the best in the entire league, leading the pacific division and the nhl with 89. a drive by maatta turned aside. blocked along for the blackhawks and bickell was able to stamp it back out. across to shaw and kane who delays and back in. johnny oduya saw it taken by malkin. banked across and then it's lifted on. settled down by shaw. sent on for brandon bollig down the wing but this is cut off and
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sheared back down by jokinen. couldn't be dragged in by malkin. they're standing here, many of them, many of the 62,921. some penguin fans have been here, too, enjoying their time in chicago, though, not the outcome of the game. the spectacle being one of the things they would carry back home with them. this one was played in snow. the one was played in snow. the one against washington in the middle at home in rain. it happened in the wintertime up north. >> ed: ten days ago there was a lot of rain that came through the city of chicago an certainly
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things have change here in the last seven days. this snow globe effect would be snow falling all evening long. >> mike: we wanted you to just hear some of the crowd and the reaction there in the last seconds of this one. the snow started falling two hours before game-time. it's continued now. we hope the 62,000 all get home safely.
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final score in the game, the chicago blackhawks, 5, the pittsburgh penguins, 1. tomorrow, full day of hockey on nbc and nbcsn. hockey day in america. flyers and caps on nbc. coming up next, late news and "saturday night live" with host jim parson. so long from soldier field.
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right now on nbc bay area news, ukrainian troops are on high alert tonight after russian troops take over a part of that country. here in the bay area protesters condemn russian aggression. 7>> plus the worst of the storm at one of the problems it left behind. we'll show you the rest of the damage coming up. and a power outage at a popular south bay mall, but the storm had nothing to do with this blackout. we'll show you what did. the news starts right now. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm diane dwyer. we are on right now because of the hockey game. we begin now with those major developments in ukraine. president obama and russia's
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president vladimir putin spoke by phone today. that was after the russian parliament gave3ñ&8 the okay tod troops into ukraine. and tonight the white house is warning the kremlin against what it calls the continued violation of international law. nbc's bill neely reports, though, there are growing signs russia has already seized control of crimea. >> reporter: russian boots on the ground in ukraine. they're hiding their identities. their uniforms aren't marked. but they're in crimea to protect russia's interests. they have a naval base here manned by thousands. but many are now off base and on the streets rit behind the russian-speaking majority here. and there may be more, many more on the way. russia's parliament voted to approve the use of a russian force in ukraine. president putin asked for it. he got it. unanimously. [ applause ] he called the situation in ukraine extraordinary, with russian lives under threat.
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not long after the vote in the biggest pro-russian city in the ukraine, chaos. dozens were injured as police battled crowds who raised the russian flag on the regional government building. these protests repeated in other cities in ukraine. where many areas are now slipping out of the control of these men, ukraine's new government. unelected, untested, and in a crisis. "we won't give in to russian provocation," says the prime minister. exactly what he can do isn't clear. he can't stop this. "russia," they chant. on crimea's streets they are jubilant russian troops are here. they want to see more. >> you say the russian troops are here to protect you? >> they're here -- >> of course. because we are russians. we are russians. >> reporter: all eyes are on the military jgairport, where russi
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planes, up to a dozen, delivered troops and equipment overnight. crimea now tense, waiting to see if more, many more russian troops join these men. >> that was nbc's bill neely reporting. ukraineians who live anywhere in the bay area are following the developments very close l., and some are taking action, urging the u.s. and the rest of the world to intervene. nbc bay area's monte francis has reaction from protesters who gathered outside the russian consulate in san francisco this afternoon. >> reporter: protesters mostly made up of ukrainians who live in the bay area and oppose russia's military intervention gathered outside the russian consulate in san francisco. ♪ they sang together the ukrainian national anthem and other patriotic songs in a show of support for their compatriots on the other side of the globe. yulia zimmerman is a u.s. citizen who speaks russian and immigrated from ukraine. >> if you read the history of ukraine, at least for ten minutes, you'd understand the
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pain of all these people. ukraine has never attacked anyone. >> reporter: while some russian-speaking ukrainians are welcome's russia's presence, many protesters say they are filled with dismay watching the russian military take control of crimea, which has been part of ukraine since 1954. dr. lisa shostakovich is a ukrainia ukrainian-born russian citizen who now lives in the bay area. >> and if world society going to let putin do that now, it can lead to much bigger conflict and basically nightmare situation in the world. >> reporter: russia's actions appear to violate a treaty signed by the sxu russia in 1994, promising to respect ukrai ukraine's nindependence and sovereignty. many of the protesters want the u.s. to intervene and even take military action. >> i don't know if there's peaceful resolution. i hope there would be. and we hope the united states government also will support ukrainian independence. >> we do not want war.
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we're not against russians. you know, the only problem is the regime of putin. >> that was nbc bay area's monte francis reporting. chinese authorities say terrorists are behind a brutal attack at a train station that killed dozens of people. witnesses say attackers stormed the train station in southwestern china and started attacking people with knives as long as swords. at least 29 people were killed, with another 130 injured. chinese state news agencies say police shot and killed four of the attackers and arrested one suspect. authorities consider it to be an organized premeditated attack by muslim separateists. the area is home to a simmering rebellion against chinese rule. up and down the california coast, waves are beating the shoreline. the latest storm is nearly gone, but there's lots of damage left behind. check it out. >> oh, my god. >> time to go.
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>> check, please. a crowded restaurant gets a shock when a powerful wave crashes through the window. no one was hurt. quite a few nerves were rattled. we have team coverage of the storm's aftermath. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking things from our weather center. but first let's go out to nbc bay area's kimberly tere who's live in santa cruz with quite a whole there. timab kimberly. >> reporter: this water is actually calmer than it was earlier when we were seeing massive waves out here and all people could do was stand in awe of mother nature. >> there's a lost white water. there's a lot of breaking up, a lot of waves, a lot of activity. it's very exciteing. >> it's amazing. it's poetic. beautiful. shiny. undescribable. >> reporter: a lot of people took advantage of a break in the storm to get outside and take in the santa cruz surf. >> this is great. waves are big, huge. it's a great storm. we haven't had rain in a long
8:19 pm
time. so we're really enjoying it. >> it's exhilarating. it's just so clean and fresh right after a storm. it's wonderful. >> reporter: the water has receded but you can see from this debris the ocean swept right through this beach parking lot at the peak of the storm. >> we can tell how big the storms are by how much driftwood shows up. >> reporter: the high surf is being blamed for this sinkhole on west cliff drive, which drops to the ocean below. >> i've never seen one until we came out here to look at the sinkhole. >> reporter: some santa cruz residents told us it's an old sinkhole the city filled in about ten years ago but it appears the storm watched huge rocks out of the beach cave below, causing it to collapse again. >> if you look down there it's close to 20 feet deep. you can't see all the way down into the water, but it's a pretty big hole. >> we got a taste of what the waves look like, what the ocean looks like out there. let's get scientific about it. here's rob mayeda with a look at what's going on with the waves. >> waves have been hitting the coast the last 24 hours as we
8:20 pm
saw that pressure the stronger the winds around that storm and as the windúç action fans across the ocean surface bringing long period swell at times 14 and 15 feet, earlier now, still seeing those wave heights offshore at about 12 feet. and this will continue as we head into tonight. the high surf advisories have been dropped but still some rough conditions out toward thep coast, and we're still seeing some lingering effects of the weather system that brought the showers today. heavier showers. few showers just north of sfo right around burlingame there, south of san francisco, and you can see the clouds that continue to spill in from the south. that system now moving through southern california but already off to the west we've got more cloud cover coming in and a forecast now for your sunday and monday that does include more rain and more snow for the sierra. we'll take a look at that forecast for you coming up in just a few minutes from now. back to you. >> sounds good. thank you, rob. pg&e crews are out this morning looking to restore power to a few hundred homes still
8:21 pm
affected by the storm. but an aughtage at valley fair mall had nothing to do with the weather. a car crashed into it. several people were trapped in an elevator. workers had to pry open the doors to get them out. many stores were forced to close for a few hours while others were able to stay open because of the backup generators. >> the mall waspg: completely black. but the other half was okay. all the stores we usually go to were closed and stuff. so like we were disappointed. >> in all, about 3,400 customers including the stores in the mall were without power. a traffic nightmare in the south bay this morning after a cement truck crashed in mountainview. the chp says the accident happened about 9:30 as the driver3vz of the cement truck w making the transition from highway 85 to 237. carrying a load of 40 tons of concrete. he took the turn too wide, clipped the curb, and lost control. the accident blocked all lanes
8:22 pm
of 237 for several hours before tow trucks were able to haul it away. once the target of racist flyers, oakland's city councilwoman libby schaaf has officially launched her campaign for mayor. today schaaf announced she wants to make the city safer, prioritize education and promote a made in oakland plan that will create local jobs and kickstart manufacturing and start-ups. last month several protesters with a swastika over schaaf's face popped up over oakland. flyers, that is. schaaf is one of 12 people who's running against current mayor jean quan. coming up next, a popular bay area park undergoing a multimillion-dollar face-lift. we'll tell you about all the improvement and the additions on the way. and we'll take you to southern california where rescuers and homeowners are on alert as the major threat goes from fire to flooding in the course of just a few days. ♪
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in oakland police are looking into a suspicious fire after firefighters found a body at the scene. the fire broke out in an alleyway of an apartment complex near the corner of foothill and 34th avenue. about 5:00 this morning. no information about the victim has been released. the building is the same apartment complex where a 77-year-old woman was killed inside her home last month. police have not said they think the two deaths are related in any way, only that today's fire is suspicious in nature. in san rafael someone shot a man inside a busy restaurant. the shooting happened at pa's mexican and filipino cuisine which is near the corner of b and 3rd streets. police say a man wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt walked in around 1:15 this morning walked right up to a 31-year-old man and shot him several times. there were about 20 other people in the restaurant at the time. the victim survived but is in critical condition tonight. authorities are still searching for the shooter. a popular bay area park is
8:26 pm
getting a $13 million makeover. on any given weekend thousands of people visit dolores park but today marked the beginning of a $14 million renovation project. city and community leaders broke ground on the project after six years of planning. now, when the work is complete the park will have new handicapped-accessible paths, tennis and basketball courts, better bathrooms and modern irrigation and electrical systems. >> and the fact that you've got families with kids and dog owners and tennis players and disabled coming together to pull this together is an incredible testament to the spirit of community. >> and the park is staying open at least in part. the two-stage project will keep at least half of the 16-acre park open to the public while it is being renovated. governor jerry brown is taking action to hope those affected by the drought. today he signed two bills that provide nearly $700 million in drought relief funding. the money will fund housing and
8:27 pm
food for workers directly affected by the drought and some projects aimed at capturing water more efficiently. and the million dollars will go to a public awareness campaign to inform residents how they can save water. back in january governor brown declared a drought state of emergency and directed state officials to prepare for water shortages. in a roundabout way the drought is a big reason why parts of southern california are on alert again tonight. the recent downpours brought down hillsides that had been scorched by last year's fires. nbc's jennifer bjorklund has the story. >> reporter: rescue crews scour the los angeles river saturday on alert. nonstop deluge by rain and reports of people caught off guard caught in the potentially deadly current. the third wave of this massive system of storms the length of the entire golden state moving in overnight bringing with it a tornado warning for foothil neighborhoods already under mandatory evacuation orders because of the threat of
8:28 pm
mudslides. >> didn't know the city had that much sand in it. >> reporter: homeowners who stayed despite the warning are working to clear the mud to make room for more that's sure to come. >> i didn't get to sleep until after 2:45, and none of this was here. >> the problem we have, or the situation we deal with is that while we have these lulls in the sense of people maybe thinking it's over, it's passed, that's not true. we do expect more rain today. >> reporter: the mud is flowing off the hillsides that burned in a 1900-acre fair in january. the once stabilizing vegetation now just adds to the weight of debris and ash that looms over more than 1,000 homes. it's not a matter of if. it's a matter of when it comes down. >> these mountains are now saturated and soaked. we know where the mud's going to go. we just don't know how much and what the intensity's going to go. >> reporter: intensity theesn' match the storm. jennifer bjorklund, nbc news,
8:29 pm
los angeles. well, meteorologist rob mayeda is here now with your microclimate forecast. rob. >> we've been watching the storm move from north to south. biggest impact has been in southern california but we still have some leftover moisture being pushed from south to north across the bay area that is still managing to kick off some showers tonight. not as intense or as widespread as we saw earlier this afternoon but they're right south of san francisco around pacifica. you're seeing a passing shower here. kind of drifting in from the south and heading off to the north and west. and you can see the cloud cover here still sweeping in from the south. and at times enough to warrant a shower or two tonight. and the forecast now for your sunday is trending just a little bit wetter now. we still have the system, the moisture with it drifting up from the south to north even though the main force of that storm continues to move through southern california. off to the west another system on the approach that is catching some of that leftover moisture will force it to rise on up in the atmosphere during the day tomorrow which we do think is going to bring a chance of seeing smourz. we've got two things kind of coming together for your sunday
8:30 pm
forecast. some of that moisture which continues to stream northward and this frontal boundary from the west that will lift it during the day tomorrow and monday. that is the reason we think we'll see a few more showers in the forecast here. hour by hour for tonight into early tomorrow you can see showers moving from south to north as we head toward tomorrow morning. much like we're seeing right now. some showers around the santa cruz mountains and up toward the marin headlands. and during the day tomorrow as the frontal system approaches especially during the day in the hilltop locations you're starting to see some added lift to the moisture around 1:30 in the afternoon. showers at times and as the sun sets and the atmosphere begins to stabilize a little bit probably we'll see some of these showers shutting down again tomorrow 8:30. the rain totals this time around not not measured by the inch or two to three inches like we saw around the mountains of san jose early thisgñd tenth of an inch or less. sunny breaks mixed with some showers at times. that's going to be part of your sunday forecast and kind of muggy outside too. you notice temperatures in the 60s with some pretty high
8:31 pm
humidity. the next best chance for rain and the seven-day forecast, coming in for wednesday this system will probably be the biggest punch of the week across the bay your into early thursday morning. then behind you that might notice the 70s during the end of the seven-day forecast. high pressure building in as we head toward next weekend. the sunday forecast, you'll still want to keep the umbrella on standby. temperatures in the 60s around san jose. upper ffrkts close to 60 around the peninsula. and in the north bay you'll see those highs in the low 60s and mid 60s around the east bay and trivalley. coming up in the next weather forecast we'll talk about what all this means for the sierra and how much snow we expect to fly in the high country over the next couple of days. back to you. >> looking forward to that. thank you, rob. alcohol for minors on college campuses in southern california in it might sound absurd. but it's not quite what you think. there is a new proposal sponsored by the uc system, and sam block explains why the bill makes a whole lot of sense and actually has very little to do with drinking. in tonight's "reality check."
8:32 pm
>> craziness. >> reporter: on the grounds of uc davis california's flagship wine and viticulture program. budding wine makers prune thei , vines, sharpen their skills and test their microbiology basics. but not everybody's moving at the same pace. not when the under 21s can't actually taste the fruits of their labor, presenting quite a conundrum for students and instructors. >> it's illegal for us to give -- present an alcoholic beverage to someone under 21 and have them put it in their mouth. that's illegal. the winemaking students need to be able to taste while they're learning how to make wine because that's how winemakers do it. they taste the wine as it's being made. >> so we definitely think that this will enrich the educational experience of all of our students. >> reporter: in an interesting twist the uc system is supporting and sponsoring the legislation. as adrian lopez, director of government relations for uc davis, points out, california is
8:33 pm
actually kind of late fought game. there are 12 states that have already approved this educati educational exemption. in some like new york it's been there for decades. >> students have more options on where to go and these kind of limitations could cause a student to decide to go to a program in new york or florida as opposed to stag heying here california. >> reporter: some might voice concerns about giving access to alcohol to minors, period, even if it brings their skills into focus. you blets look at the actual bill sponsored by wes chessboro, which allows students to taste the alcohol but does not include permission to swallow and can only be done in the presence of an adult instructor. students like ui pavoa say it's a no brainer and the facts of the bill make it hard to disagree. >> to be able to make something but not be able to understand how it turned out for the end product, then i think it's somewhat pointless. >> in the winemaking you learn
8:34 pm
all the chemical compounds, you know what flavors they gave off, but there's the theory, but then you actually need to taste the wine. >> that was sam brock reporting. some may argue that passing a law like this makes it easier for underage students to explore the rules, but this exemption would only apply to a very small group of students, maybe fewer than 100, who've been accepted into those programs. >> and i'm sure those students right now are saying i'll drink to that. >> you think? >> i do believe. coming up next, sweet, sensitive, and smart. not exactly the qualities you normally associate with the head of a silicon valley startup. but maybe you will. a northern california movie theater for blind and deaf people. we'll show you the special technology that delivers the experience to those who would otherwise miss out. she reported a rape and
8:35 pm
claims the military force herd out. >> same exactly thing happened to me. >> my rapist was not punished. >> monday we investigate the new legal crusade to change the military and get victims the help they need. >> what's your reaction to this move to make things more accountable when it comes to sexual is this the bacon and cheese diet? this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups.
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♪ [ male announcer ] don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. ♪ 42,000 books. that's a (ún[ lot of books.
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that's how many were handed out in san francisco today. it was the first book giveaway of its kind in san francisco. and teachers lines up around the block at 15th and bryant streets in the city to get their books for their students. a bay area newman, a non-profit, teamed one books on wheels and organized the event for teachers of low-income students. >> teachers now intuitively that when students have books at home that they enjoy reading that they do better in the classroom. we're very excited about this event. >> so what type of books were given out, you ask? well, fiction, non-fiction, as well as coloring books. in san jose hundreds of kids took part in science and engineering competitions today. more than 600 junior high and high school students who competed are part of the mesa schools program. the program's affiliated with san jose state, and its goal is to prepare low-income students to graduate from four-year universities with math-based degrees. >> normally a lot of the schools we work with don't have a
8:38 pm
regular science or engineering or math lab, and so we're giving them the experience that they would not normally get within a regular context of a classroom. >> students competed in a number of hands-on experiments today, get this, including designing and building prosthetic arms. silicon valley is full of stories of tech titans who started in a garage and went on to make billions. tonight is a little bit different. as garvin thomas shows us, it starts at a kitchen table, and this young innovator is out to help others instead of cashing in. >> reporter: the roots of success can often be discovered in odd places. shubham banerjee's just happening to be hiding under his bed. it's where shubham stores his old lego kits, the ones he's been playing with since about the age of 2. >> you can be creative. you can do anything.
8:39 pm
>> reporter: but as shubham has grown -- he's now a seven seventh-grader at san jose's champion school -- so have his legos, his ambition, and clearly his heart. >> i think i'm actually doing something that can actually help people. >> reporter: which brings us to this. $350 lego mindstorms kit and what shubham spent an entire month creating out of it at the kitchen table. >> i thought i could do it. i bcrlñmean, you didn't know if was possible but i really wanted to do it. >> reporter: it started with a flyer on the banerjees' doorstep, one asking for donations for the blind. shubham had never before thought about how blind people read. so he asked his dead. >> he said google it. so i googled it, and i found out all this stuff about braille printers and braille. and then i found out how much they cost. and they cost a lot. $2,000. >> reporter: shubham decided he could do it cheaper out of lego.
8:40 pm
and after seven different failed prototypes late one night shubham struck on the right configuration and his printer struck out the very first letter. >> it was like a eureka moment. i [6pzsaid, mom? dad? it works. and my mom was like, yeah! >> reporter: shubham debuted his lego braille printer named braigo at his school's science fair. and while his teachers say there were more complex entries there there were none more >> this is shubham banerjee here. >> reporter: it's why it seems shubham's story has continued to grow. shubham's videos on youtube have been seen by hundreds of thousands. people both sighted and blind have sent their admiration and congratulations from around the world. even the lego corporation, tweeted shubham. just about everyone, it seems-s impressed by this 12-year-old technological wiz kid, one able
8:41 pm
to see solutions in the unlikeliest of ways. >> again, that was nbc bay area's garvin thomas reporting. >> truly compassionate. a kid with a heart. fantastic story. >> and smart kid, too. >> very smart. when we come back, radioactive dirt being trucked to landfills all over the bay your. our investigative unit looks into why and where. and hundreds of jobs are opened up in san jose. these positions are so popular only the cream of the crop got a second look today. the story right after the break. is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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this is the creamy chicken corn chowder.
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i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups. [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant. when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant workers are clearing a notable piece of land in san francisco to make way for a major housing, shopping, and office complex. but the land they're clearing has radiation and could be headed to a landfill near you. investigative reporter6jc)z vic nguyen h inside story. >> reporter: we're talking about parcel c at hunter's point. the site has been under a massive cleanup for chemicals
8:44 pm
and radiation contamination to make way for a neighborhood to house 25,000 people by 2017. the workers on the ground say corners are being cut and their health and safety are at risk. trucks full of dirt have just begun moving tons of soil from parcel c at hunter's point. the navy has said any contaminated dirt has been screened and cleaned for radioactive material. but workers say they're worried recent shipments have been sent out without proper testing. >> they would go dig it up and load the trucks and take it out. it's not being tested. >> reporter: kevin johnson is i truck driver who's worked at the sight for three years. last night jackson brought his concerns to navy officials. >> they were taking dirt out of parcel c without a rad test. is that fsapossible? >> that would be accurate in that not all of parcel c has been impacted. lots of it is. but there's areas where we're digging specifically that are not.
8:45 pm
so that's correct. >> reporter: but the investigative unit has obtained the navy contract for this squlan. the plan says soil excavated will be transported for radiological processing. that includes surveying, characterizing, and remediating as necessary. it's a screening process workers insist is not happening. in this letter sent to the state health department and federal regulators consumer advocates quote an anonymous worker who says "project personnel are not monitored for potential exposure to radiation." the worker alleges "no radiological soil assessment has been or is being performed" and that soil dug up near buildings contaminated with radiation is being shipped off site to state facilities not licensed to accept low-level radioactive waste. we followed a truck full of dirt from parcel c taken to pittsburg. it's only authorized to affect chemically impacted soil, not radiological soil. workers on site also provided us
8:46 pm
these photos they've taken to document tons of potentially contaminated soil, soil that they say has not undergone testing. i would be surprised if that was the case. >> reporter: sol bloom leads arc ecology. his group has been following clean-ups of radioactive sites nationwide for more than 30 years. he says unlike previous clean-ups he believes the actions at hunter's point have followed protocol. >> it's been a long history of these kinds of situations where materials that people knew to be in a location were either not found, deliberately not found, but i would be surprised if this particular location given the amount of community concern about contamination. >> in a statement the navy being offhauled is not radiologically impacted. state health inspectors say they're researching the complaint to determine whether to take action. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our
8:47 pm
investigative unit give us a e-mail to theunit@nbc bay in san jose hundreds of people turned out for the chance to land a job. the baseball organization held its annual job fair. because of the seasonal gameday positions have become so popular, people had to first apply online and then be invited to interview at the job fair. >> it's a fun place to work. we're glad to have lots of people show up and be a part of our family. >> the minor league baseball team is trying to fill about 300 gameday positions. speaking of sports, let's take a look now what's coming up in sports. here's mindi bach of comcast sportsnet. hello, muindi. >> speaking of the giants, how about mr. perfect, matt cain was set to make his debut. but mother nature and the ground crew not aligned with that. a very strange blunder for the giants in arizona. but not for the a's. we get our first look at the
8:48 pm
electric 24-year-old this spring. a's-rangers highlights next in sports. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
well, the tarp was down, the expected rains came, and then the skies cleared. it appeared that matt cain would be making his spring debut. but the cubs grounds crew pulled the tarp incorrectly, and that caused all the water on top to flood the infield dirt. the field was unplayable. so the game had to be canceled. cain, however, did get in his work, throwing 35 pitches in two simulated innings back at the giants' home stadium. manager bruce bochy not too happy about the claings. also, barry bonds is expected to arrive at scottsdale stadium march 9th to begin his week-long visit as a guest hitting instructor. the a's got in their game as the ranger. can't tell that's him, but it is. he threw out the first pitch. sonny gray makinisdebut. two on, two out in the top of the first. against former a kevin kouzmanoff.
8:51 pm
threat and inning over. out two in the process. bottom of the first billy burns stealing third. and he is safe. that is his third stolen bag of the spring. he would later score on a sacrifice fly. top of the fifth, mitch moreland sends that one just left of center and angel beltre thrown out at first. the game would end in a 2-2 tie. let's go to moving day for the honda classic in florida. tiger woods looking like tiger of old. on 5 from 37 feet away. this would get him to 3 under. then on 11 he chips in just off the green. nice roll. 5 under on the day for woods. he is 7 back. russell henley. he would have the shot of the day. on 14 from 15 yards out. henley. holds out on one bounce for the
8:52 pm
eagle. henley two back of the leader. rory mcilroy, 36-hole leader on 16. that is a birdie putt. he finishes with a 1-under 69. the young irishman is two up heading into the final round. on the hardwood, pac-12 match-up. cal and asu in the desert. mckissic misses and bo barnes gives it right back. beautiful. cal's next possession, answers with the bucket and gets the foul. matthews had 14 points. later mckissic drives for that one-handed slam. he had 10 points, 6 rebounds. asu goes on to win this one 78-60. stanford returned to the football field to get prepared for a run at a third straight pac-12 title and possibly a third straight trip to the rose bowl. the cardinals held the first of three practices that are open for public viewing today. the practice ended with a short scrimmage and the coaches trying
8:53 pm
to figure out how to fill the void of the impact players who are no longer with the team. >> when you're in spring with your first scrimmage day, part of what you're doing honestly is you miss the shayne skovs, you miss the trent murphy, david yankee, ryan hewitt who nobody talks about but he was a guy who every single day was vocal and energetic. you start to see other guys step up and other guys take those things on. >> you've got to make sure you build the foundation brick7éfñg brick. everybody has to be accountable, and you have to do your sxwrojo there's no shortcuts. let go by the sacramento kings. looks like he's on the verge of signing with the chicago bulls. terry and diane, even though he scored less than six points a game, looks like he'll have another nba home very soon. >> mindi, seems we just finished up football. >> i know. >> but we didn't really. it just never ends. >> no. football keeps going and going. only two noz ago they played in the rose bowl and stanford already back on the field. as are all the other college
8:54 pm
teams. it's crazy. >> maybe they can loan a couple of players over to cal. >> yeah. you're not supposed to say that. >> cal's going to be good next ear.u >> good attitude. thanks, mu thanks, mindi. in the sierra ski resorts celebrating the storm. ought borial, officials say it's been busy with people trying to make up for the lack of snow so far. and look at this time lapse video from kirkwood. the ski resort says it recorded nearly six feet of snow in the last week. right now chains not required on interstate 80 or 50. but we can't see the snow pile up because of -- >> here it comes. we need a time lapse. >> yeah, we do. we promise they were six feet. >> let's get to rob mayeda. he's got a live picture from kirkwood right here. >> it's looking good up there. we heard six feet in the last week. this most recent storm has dropped about 40 inches of new
8:55 pm
snow. this is going back to early friday morning and since the start of february 1st, 171 inches. 274 inches this season. the ski season looking much better in the sierra. we'll probably add another two to four inches in the high country for tomorrow. we still need about six feet plus to get colder to average. there will be opportunities to add to that. seven-day forecast, a few showers coming in tomorrow and a bigger system due on wednesday. right now 50s and 60s outside, it feels kind of muggy out there. this o'moisture coming out of the south still bringing showers to san francisco and you can see it right here on the radar. san mateo county heading up toward san francisco. a weakening band of showers. moving up toward the coast there. past ocean beach, heading toward the golden gate bridge. you will see some brief showers at times. and that's going to be the story for the next eight hours or so. but we still have this moisture coming up from that power low which is tossing snow in the sierras. right now most of the action
8:56 pm
around interstate 80 but we should see the action fill in highway 52 by tomorrow afternoon and that's the reason we should see winter-like driving conditions mainly late tonight into monday morning. we'll add a couple inches of snow overnight. it's the wednesday system that will add a foot of snow. here's another reason@sunday forecast we're having to add in more showers. leftover moisture from friday to this morning. that's going to start to drift to the north. asn't the frontal boundary approaches which will add lift across the afternoon we will see showers but not inches of rain but enough that they will pass on by and will affect some of your outdoor plans let's say every 15 minutes around the bay area tomorrow. for the morning mostly cloudy skies. during the afternoon you can see the scattered showers going by but not a lot in terms of total accumulation, enough to wet the ground in spots at times. the rainfall projections staying below a tenth of an inch of rabe out of this system. it's the wentz system coming wednesday into thursday we think
8:57 pm
will probably bring another inch of rain for the north bay, maybe a quarter inchf rain for areas south of san jose and then warm up again as we head toward next weekend. tomorrow's niez pretty close to today low 60s out of san jose probably not too many showers out of the santa clara valley. peninsula temperatures in the low 60s and into the north bayoo highs in the low 60s, mid 60s around the east bay, trivaleri, also some mid 60s for your sunday. one more storm to deal with as we get into wednesday and next weekend these numbers could be in the low 70s as high pressure comes back. back to you. >> thank you, rob. new technology at a northern california movie theater now allows both blind and deaf people the chance to experience movies in a fuller way. this theater in eureka has a closed captioning machine that plays dialogue from the film and for the blind headphones describe the action unfolding on the screen. >> driving he turns on a radio. >> so my wife or kids or whoever i'm with don't have to talk to me during the film. i don't have to go with anyone
8:58 pm
else. >> the theater says it's been a five-year process trying to get the machines installed. each system has come with a pricetag of 1,200 bucks. managers say it's well worth what impaired customers will gain from now on. >> i love that. pretty cool. all right. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. "access hollywood" is up next. >> we'll see you back here tonight atki+kx 11:00. till then have a great night. >> good night.
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> paula and robin split. what happened? was this photo the beginning of the end and is there any chance of reconciliation? hi even. welcome to "access hollywood"weekend edition. i'm shaun. thick split is the big story this weekend. many questions remain and we found a few clue in numerous interview we have with robin and paula during the events that led up to the brake up. >> especially you have to do what is best for the whole household. want your kid to be happy and have good energy around and you want your wife. they say happy wife is a happy life. that's definitely true in my house. >>reporter: but after eight years of marriage paula and robin say the separation is mutual.

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